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 Transparent Pool Service Rates

Dive into our comprehensive range of pool services designed to maintain, enhance, and ensure the safety of your pool. Each of our services is tailored to meet the unique needs of your pool, so you can swim with peace of mind year-round.

Pool Service

Starting at $120

Ensure your pool remains healthy and swim-ready throughout the year. Our weekly maintenance visits include pool chemistry adjustments, brushing the pool walls, cleaning tiles, vacuuming the pool bottom, and more to maintain the pristine condition of your pool.

Pool Light Replacement

Starting at $135

Lighting is crucial for pool safety. Replace old or malfunctioning pool lights to ensure a secure swimming environment.

Pool Motor Repair

Starting at $475

If your pool pump breaks down, consider pool motor replacement as a potential alternative to a complete overhaul.

Green to Clean

Starting at $600

Transform a green algae-infested pool into a crystal-clear haven. We’ll eliminate all algae and debris, then treat the water to maintain its clarity for an extended period.

Drain and Clean

Starting at $900

Certain situations, such as an accumulation of total dissolved solids or prepping a neglected pool for the summer, necessitate draining and refilling. This comprehensive cleaning process typically takes a day.

Acid Washing

Starting at $1800

Combat stubborn stains with our acid washing service. An acid wash can be a cost-effective solution when compared to completely resurfacing your pool.

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